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Here are some other osechi-ryori dishes. These may or may not be included in the jubako, depending on the individual's taste.

(boiled prawn)
Hinode means sunrise.

1. Wash and de-vein prawns.
2. Add salt to water and bring to a boil.
3. Cook prawns in boiling water for about 5 minutes.
4. Rinse in cold water.
5. Marinate in vinegar, sugar, salt and light soy sauce for about
30 minutes.

This is a rolled egg omelet.

1. Chop soft fish cakes, and put in blender.
2. Add fish stock, sweet rice wine, sugar, salt, and eggs to the blender, and mix.
3. Put oil in a baking dish, and heat in the oven.
4. Pour the ingredients into the pan and bake at two hundred degrees for fifteen minutes.
5. When the surface turns brown, remove it from the oven.
6. Roll it while it is hot, using a bamboo mat (makisu).
7. When it cools, cut it into round slices.

This is a dish of boiled seaweed and herrings.
It shows the joy of New Year's.

1. Soak seaweed in water.
2. Boil cut herrings with sake, sweet rice wine and soy sauce.
3. Cut the seaweed into long strips, and roll them around the sardines. Tie the bundles with dried gourd shavings.
4. Boil them with fish stock, sugar, and sake.
5. Add sweet rice wine and then boil.

This is a vinegared dish which will keep for many days.

1. Julienne radishes and carrots, and soak them in vinegar.
2. Boil mushrooms and lotus with sugar and sake.
3. Combine all ingredients and serve.

A boiled dish which also keeps for many days.

1. Peel taros and cut them in half.
2. Cut burdock root and soak it in water.
3. Soak mushrooms and seaweed in water.
4. Slice carrots and bamboo.
5. Boil jellied devil's tongue (konnyaku).
6. Slice lotus and soak in vinegar.
7. Boil all ingredients with stock and vinegar.