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Michizane Sugawara (June 25, 845-February 25, 903)
Michizane is worshipped at Kameido Tenjin and Kyushu Dazaifu. He is also worshipped at any shrine that has Tenjin in its name, for example Yushima Tenjin. Michizane was a politician, a literary man and also a scholar during the early Heian Period (794-1192). He@was talented even at a young age in literature and other academic fields and was also an excellent politician. For that reason he was envied by his enemies who demoted and sent him to Kyushu, then a deserted island, where he died. After his death, the people named him Tenjin and have worshipped him as the god of learning.
There are many Tenjin shrines all over Japan with plum trees, and at the season of entrance examinations in winter, many students visit them to worship and buy good luck charms or fortune-telling papers.